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I'm somebody's wife!

On May 18th, 2013, I married the man of my dreams.

John and I flew back to Colorado for the wedding.  A small group of friends and family gather at the Seven Minute Springs gazebo in Manitou Springs.  The ceremony was brief, but beautiful.  With tears of joy streaming down my face, I said the heart-felt vows to John, expressing how I would love him forever.

Following the ceremony, our wedding party moved over to the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade.  Many vintage and new arcade games were played.  The running around in a wedding dress and getting congratulations from total strangers was a blast.  Following gaming, we all wound up at a small tavern with fantastic food.  What a wonderful way to wrap up an amazing day.

Many, many thanks to those who helped out.  Hobbes, Samantha, Max, Blue, Timber, my family, and his family...we couldn't have done it without you!

 (pictures coming soon)
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Returning the favor

What a delightful evening we had yesterday.  On his way to Rainfurrest, sabotlours stopped by our den.  We were happy to have him utilize our guest room.  Sabot, Locke and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, then an evening of light conversation.  This morning found us sharing a nice breakfast before we had to part ways - Locke to work, Sabot to Oregon, and me to school.  Oh, how I wish that time had permitted us to squeeze some suiting in.  Oh, well

After living here over a year, I revealed in the company.  
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Anya Crying

Tragedy in Aurora

This was written by a friend of a friend.  However, I fully share the sentiment:

It has been a little disturbing to read so many who are jumping on "band wagons" in response to this horrible tragedy in Aurora. This is not about more or less gun control. This is not about being harder or softer on crime. This is not about the state of the mental health community. This is not about movie content. It is not about everyone needing to have someone else's vision of or connection to 
God. These may all be viable topics, but this is a tragedy.
When our personal agendas have become so all-encompassing within our own mind, that even this type of horror immediately becomes fodder for our favorite hot-topic, we need to widen our vision. 
Let the tragedy be a tragedy. For now, this is not about our own agendas but the loss of loved ones. Even the predsidential candidate have parked their political agendas for the moment (both candidate at their absolute best). Maybe we can stop debating long enough to support those affected and do what we can to create healing. Our agendas, I promise, will all be there whenever we look for them. For now, here's hoping we heal others and ourselves.

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This week has already been a doozy.

Monday - Mom had some trouble come up, in regards to her healing from surgery.  She's now more housebound than before.

Tuesday - While in my P.O.S. car, I get rear-ended...hard.  My car is now likely totaled. 

Wednesday - I am sore from the accident.  Also, find out I DO have funds for Summer classes.  Hope to get registered while I can.

Not sure what the rest of the week has in store for me. 

Oh.  Also, Locke and I have been in Idaho one year this week.  We still want out of here.
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Steampunk Anya by Ljuser=djinni

Change of fandom focus

It's official.  The Steampunk group here is better than the furry group.  Looks like l will be spending my time with the Chrononauts, as opposed to the furs.
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Quickie post

SO hard to focus today. I have a pile of homework to finish.  Once that's done, my spring break starts!

Oh, and tonight, I pack for FurIdaho.  SO ready to get some fursuiting in.

*triple tail wags*
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fix the car

This being a grown-up and living in a totally new town thing is awful.

I need to find an auto-repair shop, to work on my car.  It has a handful of troubles that are beyond my abilities to fix.  So, how does one go about finding a mechanic in a town where you don't really have friends?

Seriously, how.....?

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